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For some time now, my co-founder Juan and I have wanted to create a physical space where we could come together with other like-minded entrepreneurs, share the lessons learned over the last 10 years building companies, and learn new ones. We love the energy that comes from working in close proximity to other entrepreneurs, and we thrive on the magic that happens when talented people, big ideas, and exciting opportunities all collide. Today, I’m ecstatic that we have officially begun to bring that vision to life – with BUILDING.co.

When we set out to build this a few years ago, there were two principals that we decided needed to be at our core:

  1. It has to be a place to work and get business done.
    Walk through the space and you’ll see that we’ve achieved that. Building is beautiful, functional, fun and yes, we have beer. And while the aesthetic of a place is crucial, it can’t be at the expense of productivity and getting sh*t done. As far as location, most business in this town still gets done in Brickell, so we set ourselves up about 300 steps from the Brickell Metrorail station, creating amazing access for our Members and the best way to spend more time working, less in Miami gridlock.
  2. It has to be the most important place for tech entrepreneurs.
    Our focus is not about being the biggest or having the most locations – it is about delivering true value to the tech community at large, and being the most influential to help our members succeed.

This is the most exciting part. About two weeks ago, we announced our partnership with Ironhack, the first in a series of announcements that are fundamental to our mission. When I walked Ariel (Quinones) through our construction site over 9 months ago, we both realized that Ironhack and Building were a great match. They, along with Wyncode over in Wynwood and Launchcode at MDC, are developing the next generation of programmers – probably the single most important function in building out our tech ecosystem – and we are proud that they are doing it here.

Yesterday, we announced the next step, and it’s a big one. Our old friend Dave McClure and his merry band of misfits at 500 Startups announced that they’re bringing their Distro Program to Miami and will be running their inaugural class from Building. This is obviously important for Building, but this is a huge deal for our community and all of South Florida. This is just the second location for this program (the first is in London) and shows the world that there’s something special happening here in Miami that is getting noticed in Silicon Valley. This is an amazing opportunity for young companies that qualify for the Distro program and will be an amazing resource for local entrepreneurs, hopefully creating even more! For the #500Strong, welcome to Miami.

We’re here for you. 

Every day at Building, our primary concern is our Members. My constant question to our team is: What do the Members need? How can we help them? Once our Members are taken care of, our focus is all about the broader community. Awesome Foundation Miami wants a permanent home to host their meetings? Done. Want to host a launch party for your new product launch? Come on over. Want to build your own space to compete with us, and you want to just get ideas? Email me directly and I’ll tour you myself. We welcome other co-working spaces to Miami – because every tech ecosystem thrives on a variety of offerings. Plus, competition keeps all of us on our toes – constantly improving and better serving our members. After all, the last thing we’d ever want to be is an old yellow cab in a world full of Ubers.

If you think our culture aligns with your company – come on by or email our Membership team. If you just wanna check out the space, please come to our Opening Party on September 17 (RSVP here). Looking forward to seeing you there!

Welcome to Building.

Hutch Rasco
Co-founder and Chief Builder

This is the first in a series of blog posts by the Founders of Building, designed to share our mission, our vision and an expression of our gratitude for getting to do what we love to do everyday of our lives – build stuff.

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