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This month’s member feature is on Takt Digital. Bharat Krish and his 2 co-founders started Takt in 2016, and have already grown the team to a total of 5 working out of Building (and still growing!). We sat down with Bharat to discuss their strategy of growing Takt as a product consultancy and design firm while simultaneously building their own product. Many startups can learn from Takt on how to finance your own product without pre-maturely taking investor money. Check out Bharat’s answers to our questions below, and add in the comments if you have questions of your own!

What is Takt Digital?

Takt Digital is a software design and development firm focused on the media industry. We leverage our many years of industry experience, our affinity for great design and a user centered focus. We are also working on our own commercial product incorporating Video and AI.

Who are your primary clients?

Our clients are primarily from the media industry, but we are also working with financial clients.  

How do you prioritize client/consulting work against time spent building the product?

This is one of our toughest problems. We are being very selective as to what consulting or custom work we do take on so we can spend time building our own product. (If anyone has figured this out, other than prematurely taking investor money, we would love to learn from them!)

Why did you choose Miami to start your business?

I think I would say Miami chose us. Three of us are from New York. And we are aware that for media related tech companies, New York or LA might be better destinations for talent and industry connections. But we have been in Miami for few years now and we feel that the startup industry is growing rapidly. We believe that there is an advantage to being a pioneer in the Media Tech startup industry in Miami.

How did you build a team here in Miami?

The founding partners have known each other for a while and worked together in the media industry in the past. We were also lucky enough to find amazing talent referred through our friends, especially at Ironhack 60sfp3h.

Any recommendations for others who are building new teams in Miami?

Building technology teams in Miami can be challenging if you are only focused on short term wins web based project management tools. My best advice would be to hire candidates that are enthusiastic, determined and resourceful. Spend time with them to train them in the expertise and domain knowledge. Build a culture that emphasizes autonomy, motivation and purpose – and then the magic starts to happen. Oh, and stay away from brilliant jerks – they will suck the air out of your team.

Have you considered or applied for any accelerators for your company? What do you prioritize when thinking about joining an accelerator?

Yes, we applied to Y Combinator in 2016. We were fortunate enough to be interviewed by the best startup minds and learnt a huge amount from that experience. We are taking those lessons and applying it to our new product pivot – at the moment we are prioritizing discussions and feedback from potential customers, building an MVP and getting initial traction. We are looking forward to applying again.

What’s next for you and for Takt Digital?

We are evolving organically as we went from a 2 people team to a 7 member team in 2016.  We are excited about the product we are building in the Video and targeted AI space and are looking forward to delighting our customers.  


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