Meet the Duo that is Simplifying the Act of Gifting


Have you ever received a gift from a friend or family member and asked yourself ‘what were they thinking’? Dino and James are here to make sure that never happens again. Introducing Simpliziti: a “wishing and gifting app” that lets you create and share personalized wish lists to friends and family. No more guessing what to buy or giving money and gift cards that either get lost or go toward gas and groceries. People want to know their family and friends’ gift preferences in order to give and receive memorable gifts, and Simpliziti is the app to make that possible.


What is Simpliziti?

Simpliziti is a mobile application that allows users to create and share a wishlist with other users, empowering users to contribute to each other’s wishes. It’s kind of like an on-the-go life registry that allows you to curate a list of your likes and interests. We wanted to make this a simple process for people since gifting tends to be a hard task.


What led you to creating Simpliziti?

I always struggled with giving gifts to my friends and family members and I wanted to find a better way to gift. I knew there was a way to solve this problem and it gave me the inspiration to develop Simpliziti. I always want to give a meaningful gift and one that lets the other person know I care but it’s always difficult to find the right gift.


How are you Building #MiamiTech?

I was born and raised in Miami and I wanted this to be the home for Simpliziti. We wanted the opportunity to collaborate and work with local retailers in the area as a way of giving back to Miami. I found Building Co. to be a place where great ideas and great minds have come together under one roof. It’s a breeding ground for new and upcoming companies that are going to change the way we live our lives.


Walk us through a typical day for you at work.

“The day never stops”. In a startup, every day changes and there is no specific routine. Right now we are currently in our Beta launch and are making refinements to the app to improve the user experience. We are working to develop our website and creating our social media campaigns to engage with current users and attract new users to download the App. We’re constantly communicating with partners and investors.


What is your favorite part about working in Building?

The free beer on tap and cafecitos at 3pm! Besides that, there’s a lot of support and know-how around here. We find that Building is “post-startup”, in that most of the other companies here are at the stage where they’re more than just an idea; they have a product or service that they are working to market and develop further. It’s a very professional place.


What is the next step you are taking to expand Simpliziti?

I’m excited to let you know that Simpliziti has been chosen by Idea.Me to take part in their #CreateMiami campaign, supported by The Knight Foundation.

Twenty companies have been selected as finalist and The Knight Foundation will generously match 50% of the funds we raise, up to $5,000.

Our goal is to create a section of the App that will allow users to contribute to different non-profit organizations. Take a look at our profile and if you are so kind to contribute please do!


Dino and James are just two of our many members that are #BuildingMiami! To learn more about membership at Building, the premier collaborative workspace for tech companies in Miami, click here

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