Meet Panamera


Chesco Sanchez knows branding (and soccer)!  

Originally launched as Comunica in his native Spain in 2002, he’s grown Panamera into a premiere boutique agency focused solely on branding. He’s always admired businesses in the US for understanding the differences between branding, marketing, and ad agencies. The market here is a natural fit for Panamera.

“In the US and in Miami, the difference between branding, marketing, and advertising is more generally understood by businesses than in other countries.”

The Panamera office in Building services client-facing aspects of the business. This summer Chesco brought on a second team member, Oriana Cudemus, to be his “right-hand (wo)man” in Miami. Panamera also has three creative team members in Cordoba, Argentina, with whom Chesco has worked for years. You can find them on the first floor in the back office. You’ll know it when you see it–it’s beautifully decorated with Panamera’s finest work.

Panamera is Building’s resident branding agency for companies in sectors from tech, to food and beverage, and everything in between. Locally, they’ve developed successful brands with clients such as University of Miami, Straat Investments, and The Classic Motor Company. Will you be next?

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