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Investorist is using tech to disrupt the business of real estate by streamlining the process of marketing New Development projects. We sat down with Josh Cunningham, Vice President and Head of Sales for Investorist’s Americas division and lead of their Miami office, to learn more about how Investorist is making communication between brokers and developers more intuitive.


Tell us about Investorist. What is the problem you are setting out to solve?

Investorist is the world’s first global multiple listing service (MLS) for new development projects, allowing brokers and developers to market their projects to a database of qualified property sellers around the world. We started 3 years ago in Melbourne, Australia and have gone from a team of 4 to now being 60+ with offices in 5 countries.

New Development sales has previously been extremely fractured domestically and internationally. We provide a live transactional marketplace that allows people to expand their sales strategies into new and emerging markets, deepen their penetration in their current markets, and offer the networks live time information and data feeds directly with the source, which other platforms don’t offer. We also have a SaaS model which is awesome click here now. It helps all companies from small, medium to large manage the sales strategies, clients, inventory and much more within in their own branded environment, using very slick, user-friendly tech.


Who is the target market for Investorist?

Our targets are agents, brokers, realtors, migration agents, lawyers, leading brokers, developers – essentially anyone who is involved in selling new development projects.


Do you view yourselves as a tech company, or a real estate company?

Tech company all the way! We have a transaction side to the platform but we don’t get involved in the sales process at all – we are connecting the two professionals together. How they do their business and broker the deal is done directly between them. Also, having a SaaS model makes us feel even more techy.


Why did you choose to launch Investorist’s Miami office in Building?

We chose Building because it worked perfectly for us in every way. Being an international company arriving in Miami, we needed to set up quickly. We needed something that was easy for staff to travel to, close to our clients, had amazing facilities and flexible work spaces. Building ticks every box for us and we are extremely happy to be a part of the Building community… the beer tap upstairs may have also played a huge part in the decision.


What advice would you give to a company looking to expand to Miami?

Do it. Miami has a great startup community, and it is a fairly large market with gateways to North and South America, but you will have to be ready to work hard. Network as much as possible – it will help fast track a lot of the initial hurdles.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Hard work always pays off!


Investorist is one of the many companies that are #BuildingMiami! To learn about membership at Building, the premier shared workspace for tech companies in Miami, click here.

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