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Remember having trouble with science and math in college? Wouldn’t it have been nice to have someone explain what you were reading in your textbook in plain English? That’s something we wish we would’ve had in school!

The Founding Story

ClutchPrep started as a way for Johnny (Chief Academic Officer) and Marcio (CEO) to share their skills and make extra money tutoring in organic chemistry and physics, respectively, while they were undergrads at FIU in 2010. After realizing they were tapping into a huge unmet need for additional and accessible resources for these topics, the fraternity brothers decided to band together and expand the business, bringing in fellow Phi Gamma Delta, Artem, to be the COO/CFO.

Johnny and Marcio realized the fastest way to scale ClutchPrep outside their FIU stomping grounds was by creating engaging, easily understandable video clips that taught the same topics as “stuffy” college textbooks. Alain joined soon after as CTO and built out the tech business we know and love today (though they still operate their brick and mortar tutoring shop in an office near FIU).

ClutchPrep really took off after they went through TechStars’ 2014 Chicago cohort last summer. They were offered investment that would have required them to relocate outside of South Florida, but of course they wanted to be part of growing the #MiamiTech community. A year later, ClutchPrep is now in over a thousand universities with a staff of 20 (full- and part-time) all based here in Miami. A true #MiamiTech success story!

“We loved the startup spirit as a part of TechStars at 1871 in Chicago. We feel at home at Building around tech entrepreneurs in our hometown of Miami.”

What’s up with the backwards logo?

You may have noticed Marcio and other members of the team wearing their classic navy blue ClutchPrep shirt with the yellow logo. You might not have noticed that sometimes the logo is flipped to be a mirror image of itself. No, you don’t just need another cup of coffee – you’re seeing correctly.

The ClutchPrep team films short videos (5-15 minutes each) for each of their subjects (currently General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Statistics, and Biology). But when filming, the T-shirt gets flipped to show their normal left-to-right logo.

The team finds that they really get into a groove when filming and prefer to film multiple videos at a time. Even Marcio, CEO, is a tutor at heart – he’s the resident physics expert.

Personally, we’re lobbying for our own backwards ClutchPrep logo T-shirts to add to our #MiamiTech collection!

On tap for Fall 2015

If there were ever a team driven by metrics, it’s ClutchPrep. Visit their office on the second floor and you’ll see their dueling TV monitors, constantly updated with metrics in real-time. The Fall 2015 semester, or “15F” as they call it, is already blowing their estimates out of the water.

The first few weeks of the semester are crucial for the ClutchPrep team, so don’t be surprised if they’re the first ones here in the morning or the last ones to leave at night, just to hit that one extra KPI.

Local celebs

What really gets them motivated, though, is the qualitative responses they are getting. Comments like “You guys are life-changers” and “Johnny for President 2016” that they receive every day. They can’t attend a local tech event or go to a bar in Wynwood without someone stopping them to say thanks for the help passing a tough class or getting them into medical school.

Oh, and they also have Frozen-themed birthday celebrations, so they are down-to-earth celebrities, just like you and me!

The ClutchPrep team celebrates Marcio's birthday in their office at Building. Elsa made a guest appearance.
The ClutchPrep team celebrates Marcio’s birthday in their office at Building. Anna made a guest appearance.
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