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Bernard Bonomo

There’s no denying Bernard Bonomo’s love and enthusiasm for video production! You can find Bernard all over South Florida taking videos and pictures for one of his many clients. With the new addition of Video.Miami to his portfolio, Bernard continues expanding his business to stay up-to-date with current video trends. As one of our longest standing members here at BUILDING, we were happy to sit down with Bernie to discuss his career path and his company, Bonomotion.



Tell us about Bonomotion; when and how did you decide to start your company?

Back in 2003, I started my video production business in Boca Raton called BeanoVision Productions – “Your Vision… is only the Beginning.” Over 3 years, I saw the growth of online video, with the quality of streaming getting better each year.  Now with a portfolio of a hundred client videos, I decided to build a new website from the ground up – using the WordPress platform – rather than update

At this time I also met and later married my wife and partner Shanna Bonomo, and we decided to change the business name to BONOMOTION. We both love Motion Pictures, and because of the unique style of content we were creating – we figured that a BONO-MOTION PICTURE is what we can produce.

We also saw that there were hundreds of ‘Video Production Companies’ and tons of ‘Advertising / Marketing Agencies,’ but no real ‘VIDEO AGENCY’ had been established. Especially in the Miami / South Florida Market. So the name “Bonomotion Video Agency” was born.


How did you get started in the video production industry?

Ever since I was a child, I loved taking pictures and home videos. This passion continued throughout high-school where I actually learned about Mass Media. I worked in the school broadcast station for the morning announcements and other video projects. In college (UCF & FAU) I studied Communications and worked for the campus TV Station, polishing my skills for filming, editing and telling stories with video. Then I went to NYU for film school and started my business soon after college.

My start in the industry was basically helping friends and families with any video project they could think of, taking out a Yellow Page ad and then meeting and working for companies of all shapes and sizes. Each project was an opportunity to challenge myself to get better – and helped finance the purchase of new camera and editing equipment (which was far more expensive and complicated, than it is today!).


What are some of the biggest projects you worked on?

As an independent producer, and not working for a larger company – it’s been up to me to create the opportunities and projects that have been so exciting.

This includes producing a business TV show featuring Joe Namath called <a href="http://competitiveedgetv free online project management”>The Competitive Edge and created the Lifestyle Entertainment Network & TV Series, Symbols of Success™.

Also, an inspirational documentary “The YES Movie” a.k.a. (The Young Entrepreneur Society), featuring success stories & strategies from 40 of the nations youngest self-made millionaires and business experts. Some of the experts interviewed were Bob Proctor, T. Harv Ecker, Mark Victor Hansen, Chris Howard, Randy Gage, Marshall Sylver, Les Brown & Brad Sugars.


What are your biggest challenges while running your business?

Managing time, budgets, and client satisfaction, while constantly finding new ways to market our business and grow.


What do you do to improve upon your work? Do you notice a change from earlier work to now and a certain style you’ve created that would be considered your signature style now?

You always have to keep learning and improving your craft, as clients expect the best. Especially when you are a leading expert that utilizes the latest Cinema Tools that are used by big budget Hollywood Films.

My signature style would be best described as ‘Cinematic Success’ – by combining beautifully filmed scenes, with powerful music and narration, our business films have the power to motivate and inspire viewers.  This works for any type or size of business, because we’re all looking for the best way to represent our brand to the public.



What’s your favorite part about working in Building?

I’m fortunate to live and work in the hottest area in the country. Brickell is amazing, and when I saw that Building was coming – I was quick to sign up and be a part of this awesome group of innovators who are helping to #BuildMiami


Looking out 3 to 5 years, beyond the obvious trends, what do you think will be the next big change in your industry?

360 Video and Augmented Reality are certainly changing the ways we communicate with each other.  Since my business is based on telling stories through visual mediums, I’m excited to see all the new technologies that will be accessible – giving us even more creative ways to help our clients succeed with video!

That’s why we launched VIDEO.MIAMI – as a one-stop shop for any style video content you’re looking for. From South Florida stock footage, to the latest video production services. has it all – so definitely keep an eye on this, and follow us on Instagram!


Bernard is just one of our many members that are #BuildingMiami! Learn about membership at Building, the premier shared workspace for tech companies in Miami.

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