What is the Power of Data? – Case Studies for Finding Intelligence in Databases

Monday.July.18 7:00 PM - Monday.July.18 9:00 PM

Have you heard it be said, “Data is Power?”

It is true, there is so much intelligence available withing databases.  Information that can help a company know their strengths and weaknesses better, get to know their clients or customers better, and have the details needed to make important strategic decisions that have a higher probability of succeeding.

In this free event, find out what a database is, how data is extracted from it, and how companies use data as business intelligence throughout companies right here, in South Florida.

See how the experts use tools like MySQL and queries and find out if this is something for you.  Get to see a live demonstration of data analysis, and hear several case studies from local experts that work with data and business intelligence every day.

The truth is that data really is power, and those that know how to analyze data have this power in their hands.  Find out if learning database skills is right for you, and find out about Girl Develop It’s upcoming non-profit database training classes.

No previous technical knowledge required.  Anyone can learn to do this.  Start today towards you powerful new adventure with data!


To find out more about Girl Develop It and what it is doing in the South Florida community, see the list of classes scheduled and to request a class to be offered visit http://www.gdimiami.com/calendar.html

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