Using Communication Nudges to Get More of What We Want, When We Want It

Thursday.November.10 7:00 PM - Thursday.November.10 8:30 PM

Life doesn’t always go as planned. It seems every day either we’re waiting on someone or someone is waiting on us; emails and texts go unanswered; RSVPs forgotten, late meetings; mail unread and bills overdue; tasks at work missed and projects delayed.

At the root of these everyday hiccups is often what we said or what was said to us. How might we improve these interactions so that we get more of what we want when we want it?

Behavioral science offers proven solutions, and Christopher Daggett will share his proprietary communications methodology, which he’s used at the highest levels of Federal Government and Fortune 500 companies for everything from increasing enrollment in healthcare to helping more customers to pay bills on-time.

Whether you’re trying to get more done at work, or you’re just trying to get more dates on tinder, come join us for an engaging discussion about ideas for improved communication!

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