The State of UrbanTech – Miami 2016

Tuesday.June.14 6:00 PM - Tuesday.June.14 9:00 PM

We’ve partnered with WeWork and WhereBy.Us to bring together the most active people and organizations working on Urbantech in Miami. 

Since we founded Urban.Us in Miami nearly 3 years ago, we’ve built a global community of over 1,000 investors, founders, cities, companies and researchers. And we’ve made 21 investments in startups that are re-imagining cities. 

Shaun Abrahamson (co-founder of Urban.Us) will chat with Chris Sopher (co-founder of Whereby.Us) We’ll explore how how startups are transforming construction, real estate, local government, transportation and utilties.

And we’ll make sure you get to meet other folks who are interested in Urbantech, too. 

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WeWork, Lincoln Road, Miami, FL, United States WeWork, Lincoln Road, Miami, FL, United States