ManTalks Miami: Re-build

Monday.November.21 7:00 PM - Monday.November.21 10:00 PM

ManTalks is a growing international community focused on developing conversation and connection for men who are looking to deepen their purpose, build a legacy and find deeper levels of fulfillment in life. All of our events are open to both men and women all perspectives are welcomed and an important part of the conversation. All proceeds from the event go to the Man It Forward Foundation which is building a scholarship for young men.
Everyone — even the most successful people on the planet — have fallen and failed at some point in their life. They have had something, or everything, break apart and need to be rebuilt. Relationships fall apart, businesses crumble, finances fail, health fails and all need to be put back together or a new form needs to be built.
Join us November 21st as we listen to the story of three individuals who overcame the odds, battled failure & defeat, had everything fall apart and still managed to rise above the struggle to build an extraordinary life.

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The LAB Miami, Northwest 26th Street, Miami, FL, United States The LAB Miami, Northwest 26th Street, Miami, FL, United States