Kit and Ace Speaker Series: Xynn Tii

Wednesday.July.13 7:00 PM - Wednesday.July.13 10:00 PM

Free event with beer and organic popcorn. Sponsored by Kit and Ace. Starts promptly at 7:00pm. Preview at

Dang! I finally get to chat with the Miami tech community about what the hell we are doing with our octocopter drone and 8K smart screens!

What’s up? I am Xynn Tii, creator at XT Inc. Over the past 18 months, my creative design company has grown from 1 to 15 worker bees and we are now getting production projects around the world with 1 Hotel, Four Seasons, Royal Caribbean, and Ultra Music Festival.

As you inhale beer and popcorn, I will showcase images and video from our recent projects on a 4K resolution 65″ display and talk about how all of this is happening to us and where it all came from in relation to goal setting.

You also will leave this event with some takeaways on how visions and values can allow you to execute on the goals you set in life and business. Oh, and Feather (our octocopter drone) will be there too.

This is a highly visual presentation. Let’s get it.

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Kit and Ace, Miami, FL, United States Kit and Ace, Miami, FL, United States