Ironhack Open House: Learn about our coding and UX/UI design bootcamps!

Wednesday.April.19 6:00 PM - Wednesday.April.19 9:00 PM

The Open House

At Ironhack, our campus is always in Open House-mode. But a few times a year, we like to invite curious guests and dedicate all our undivided attention to the public.

The Ironhack Open House is meant to answer all your coding education questions. From what the experience is like, to how these skills can help you work from anywhere in the world, we’re here to demystify the nitty-gritty of the coding world.

The only prerequisite to attend is a curiosity to learn more about how Ironhack is changing students’ lives in Miami

Here’s what to expect from the information session:

-A sample of our curriculum – We’ll walk you through a fun logic exercise that will give you a taste of the coding experience. Perfect for anyone who’d like to dip their toes into the coding waters!

-Insight from our alumni – Ironhack graduates are always eager to speak to prospective students, or just people in the tech community in general. Find out what the course was like from them and what they were able to achieve afterwards.

-Meet our career manager –  Find out what the post-Ironhack life is like as far as career placement. Our career manager, Daniel Brito helps our students through the resume crafting and job application processes that’ll land them their dream job after graduation.

-A peek at past projects – The Ironhack courses end with a final project web application. Check out what our past students built INDIVIDUALLY with the material they learned in just eight weeks!

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