Free Coding for Beginners Workshop

Tuesday.June.14 6:30 PM - Tuesday.June.14 8:30 PM

Due to high demand, we’re hosting a second Free Coding for Beginners workshop on a later date! If you can’t make it to our upcoming one on June 6, here’s your chance. 

Ever tried learning to code on your own but couldn’t manage to wrap your head around it? You’re not the only one.

Code is the foundation of all marketing campaigns, websites, apps and graphics used to build the ultimate customer experience. So why aren’t more creative people adding this flair to their skill set?

In 2 hours, you’ll learn some very basic + important hacks and how being a little versed in HTML and CSS can take you a long way! In fact, by the end of the course, you’ll have built your very first webpage!!

Here’s what we’ll cover in this workshop:

• How to build a webpage from scratch.

• The most basic coding skills in HTML + CSS that all developers know (and need).

• An intro on how the web works and where your code fits in!

Come in with little to no experience, and leave with your authentic contribution to the Internet built with a couple lines of code.

Please bring your fully-charged laptop with a downloaded version of Sublime Text, and a most recent copy of your resume (you’ll see why in class!)

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