Entrepreneur Workshop: CrossWorx

Monday.June.20 10:00 AM - Monday.June.20 5:30 PM

CrossWorx is coming to South Beach!

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may take pride in working an 80 hour work week, but wouldn’t you prefer to optimize your productivity to limit the hours, all while competing against, and encouraging other game changing entrepreneurs in a highly focused environment? We thought so and that’s why we want you to join us for our workshop located at the awesome WeWork Campus on Lincoln Road to eliminate the isolating feeling of entrepreneurship, simplify those mountainous tasks and remove a few of the many hats we wear as entrepreneurs.

We ask that you come prepared to work on whatever you would on a typical day, but we’re going to help you crush your workload. The CrossWorx model is based around 4 concepts that boost your brain, bodily and business output:

1) Synchronized Work Intervals (Sprints)

2) Smart Nutrition Practices (Fuel Talks)

3) Light Physical Activity and Competition (Move)

4) Strategic Collaboration for those typically isolated (The Blitz)


**For more information on schedule and offerings, contact chris@crossworx.co. We kindly ask that you come dressed in a casual fashion with at least 3 tasks you would like to complete throughout your work day while attending the workshop.

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WeWork Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL, United States WeWork Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL, United States