Customer Journeys for Content Strategy and Personalization

Monday.November.14 6:30 PM - Monday.November.14 8:00 PM

The web is experiencing a content strategy revolution.
88% of organizations are actively employing content strategy. Yet, 70% of managers admit they lack a consistent, integrated content strategy. 65% struggle to even define what type of content is effective. Content strategy, the ultimate merger of marketing, UX, and library sciences, is still in its infancy.
The core challenge is how to facilitate customer journeys by delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. New website patterns are emerging as organizations are looking to create more content and making that content more effective. User segmentation, sophisticated taxonomies, along with intelligent UI and navigation, are being integrated in novel ways to create better user experiences and drive business value.
In this session, they will look at how leading websites are creating more impactful designs by mapping content strategy to customer journeys. Whether you have a UX, marketing, or content role, you will learn the latest trends and challenges web teams are facing as well as arming you with strategies you can implement to deliver more effective content on your own websites today.

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