Closing the Deal: How To Land Your 1st Programming Job

Thursday.March.09 6:00 PM - Saturday.March.11 12:00 PM

In partnership with StartUP FIU Norberto Menendez, a passionate tech entrepreneur and ex-Apple programmer, from LifeWallet will hold a 3-day workshop training individuals how to go from academics to industry professionals. The 3-day workshop will cover subjects from “how to use Git and Version control” to “how to choose your career path.”

March 9 – Exploring aspects of architectural patterns and paradigms in modern programming

  • How to use Git/Version Control.
  • Pair programming exercises.
  • What is REST and how is it used.
  • What is TTD (Very important to always test your code)
  • What is C.R.U.D (Create Read Update Delete)
  • What is HTTP (authorization and authentication, headers, basic security, etc.)
  • What is functional programming
  • What is micro services and how is different from a monolithic system.
  • What is Amazon S3 and how can it be used in building large scale applications.

March 10 – Becoming a productive member of a programming team

Participating in a Team:

  • – How to work with others
  • – Feedback: Giving/Getting constructive feedback during Code Reviews.
  • – How to talk and work with team members (peers and bosses).

Project Management:

  • – How to file bugs
  • – Cross team communication (server-client, engineer-design, engineer-business).
  • – SCRUM (Lifewallet doesn’t do this but its used in the industry)
  • – Learning how to manage your time
  • – Learning how to give time estimates
  • – Know where to find the answers when you don’t know they (books, stacked overflow, etc..)

March 11- Preparing for a future career in programming

How to choose your career path: (Possible Guest Speaker)

  • – Career advice in tech.
  • – How to choose the right stack for you.
  • – What can you expect in this career and industry.


  • – How to get involved in the tech community (meetups, events, blogs, podcasts, etc.).
  • – Utilizing these contacts for job hunting

How to interview for a job:

  • – How to choose the right company for you.
  • – How to survive not just technical interview but the whole process.
  • – How to handle rejection.

Who is Norberto Menendez?

Norberto Menendez is the CPHIMS, COO, CTO and Chief Imagineering Officer of LifeWallet. He is a passionate tech entrepreneur, interested in making meaning, mobile computing, innovation, and developing consumer products. Prior to LifeWallet, Menendez worked at Apple for over 5 years where he was in charge of experiences leading, “closing the deal”, design, and focused user interfaces and AI.

Menendez earned an MBA and Master of Computer Information Science and a BS in Electrical/Computer Engineering from the University of Miami. He currently holds two patents and has published two books, Newton Toolkit User Guide and Law on the Go: Child Suppor Unplugged.

What is LifeWallet?

LifeWallet believes in improving healthcare through better technology. We strive to connect patients and care providers to promote wellness, manage chronic diseases, and improve outcomes. LifeWallet crafts modern, easy-to-use mobile apps that promote engagement, connectivity and collaboration in healthcare.

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