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After a decade of building companies in Miami, including launching and eventually selling dotCO for $109M, Jose “Hutch” Rasco aand Juan Diego Calle wanted to help other tech companies succeed in the city that they love. To bring this dream to life, they envisioned a physical space where local tech entrepreneurs could gather, learn, collaborate, and grow their businesses together — somewhere that felt like a little piece of Silicon Valley, right here in Miami. Of course, the space would have to be beautiful and leave room for fun... but even more importantly, it had to be a place where serious people could get serious work done.

And so, BUILDING was born.

Today, BUILDING is home to some of Miami’s top tech companies and startups, and the founders’ vision is being brought to life every day. Our members are building everything from software, to hardware, to beautiful and engaging brands — but regardless of industry, they share a common bond as techies, deskmates, and Builders.

True to our original vision, we also aim to serve as a resource to the larger #MiamiTech community. We regularly host events, panels, and meetups around all types of topics in the tech world, from blockchain to UX design, and are constantly evolving our offering to be sure that we are bringing added value to our members every chance that we get.

So there you have it — a bit about what we’re building here at BUILDING. It’s been a thrilling few years of growth for the Miami Tech ecosystem, and it still excites us every day that we get to be a part of it, alongside this incredible community of tech companies that we’ve gathered along the way. If you’ve been nodding your head as you read this, or envisioning your own team working among our crew of tech nerds and biz whizzes, we’d love to talk to you about joining us. It sounds like there might be a desk or office with your name on it 🙂

Curious to learn more? Check out our membership options, and feel free to say hello!


Builders gonna build

Our team is passionate about building the ideal space for #MiamiTech to work, learn, and grow together. We believe that through a strong community, hard work, and cafecito at 3:05pm every day, anything is possible! We love hanging out with our members, celebrating their successes, and rooting for them as they hustle through the inevitable challenges along the way. Will you join us?





Juan Diego Calle



Rebecca Willett

General Manager